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March 29, 2008
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I go where my feet take me . . . or rather what my job requires of me. When I’m not in school, I’m on the road heading for the next photo shoot.  I’ve been in many cities and even different countries due to modeling but now I’ve limited myself to a catalog model so that I may finish my “education.”

I have already graduated medical school and in my fifth year of specialized training in pathology.  That means I’m a doctor who models clothes for JC Penny and Sears, but in the height of my career I’ve been on the covers of Ebony, Seventeen Magazine, and Maxim.  I have been on other things too such as People, TV guide, and the Tabloids.

It really creeps people out when they learn I’m striving for my certification to be a medical examiner.  I’m not a coroner I’m a licensed doctor . . . Doctor Xull’rae Zauviir to be exact.  One day I will take a national exam by the American Board of Pathology and from there, once I obtain my certification, I will work for the police and the courts to explain how a person died.

So why would a pretty woman with a flare for style spend her days looking at and cutting up the dead? Well . . . let’s just say it soothes my monster within.  

Sometimes it makes me feel sick, but mostly it calms me to know that they’re worse creatures than me out there.  It’s why I carry a gun.  I cannot use magic anymore, and my weapons are archaic, not to mention property of the U.S. Government.  That however is a topic for another time.

Humans of this “earth” find me fascinating.  I find them boring, lazy, and destructive. They call themselves the top of the food chain, but they have forgotten how to stalk and hunt.  Everything is handed to them on a platter.  They have food everywhere; in stores, gas stations, and restaurants and most times it can be made quickly or premade with things like microwaves. They even overeat and don’t even bother to work off the excess.

These “People” can travel great distances in inanimate objects called vehicles, trains, subways, or aircrafts . . . yet they haven’t found the means to teleport yet.  And they call themselves advanced? All they are doing is heading for the fast track of disaster by smothering their air supply.

What drives this world? Money.

The more you have, the more you control.  If you don’t have any, then you are useless.  Politicians run things, but get this…if you have loads of money like movie stars you can run a whole city just based upon popularity vote.  Of course you need to know the right people with good connections but it still boils down to money all the same.

Now where I came from money didn’t carry importance, it was a nice bonus and a great reward for services rendered, but it was skill that made one rise to the top.  You could be born into an important family, but a lowly street beggar could overthrow you and yours if they had the wits and talent to.

Survival of the fittest; animals have it right.  Maybe that’s why I like them better and why I’m an activist in their rights and in my spare time work at charities for them.

I’m judgmental, I get that.  I never said I wasn’t flawed, but I like to remind folks that they are too.  It is interesting in the manner of which these people die.  Most is self inflicted.  Not suicide per se, but overdose on an addictive drug, alcoholism, and the number one kicker . . . cigarettes.  Now add in murder. Motivations? Money and jealousy usually.

I’m not human and I’m grateful for it. I’m not better, but if this is to be my permanent home, I must make my place in it.  I must adapt.

But what will I lose in the process? I don’t know, but the hunt has begun and I aim to survive in this tech jungle.  

I am Xull’rae Zauviir . . . a drow about to give these humans a challenge to their species . . .
Not much here at the moment, but this is the very bare beginning of my trade with ~Havoc892 who has waited a long time for my sorry ass and for that I apologize.

UPDATED with his part as you see, is the cover art. :D

He wanted a modern setting with Xull'rae and this is WAY out of my comfort zone and why I have taken so long. Simply put I have struggled with the story which is STILL incomplete, BUT it's long so I thought I'd test it here.

I dislike it, I'll be honest I think it sucks and I trashed the first few pages, to trash the second and third times..this is my fourth try but I just didn't want to quit. Havoc has been VERY patient with me and he deserves to see this.

My health is better now but sadly this story suffered my wrath in that period of stress, exhaustion, and my shook up life.

Anyway if you don't like it that's okay. I kept this simple and short to start with. I'll post more if the verdict is decent and if it manages to be liked, I might make it a "series".

I'll stop rambling now to let you all post your opinions. ;)
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Vyrillykos Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2008   Writer
Didn't expect this...
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I'll take that as a compliment. :giggle:
LeilansDream Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2008
I like Xull'rae, didn't I ever told you that before? lol, that's the drow spirit I like! ;) I wonder what she intent to come up with... :plotting:

The situation is well explain and settle, makes me wonder what does could happen next...? I don't know, maybe you have no idea where to head up, but I find your first page intriguing. The idea of Xull in today society is in itself very original and difficult to deal with. But maybe it could mean some fun too! :)
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
It's always great to hear she's liked. :dance: Makes me feel like I accomplished something good. She's a tough nut. I'll be posting more soon, you'll just have to wait and see what she comes up with. ;)

Thank you for reading! :hug:
LeilansDream Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2008
My pleasure! I'll go see what happen next very shortly!
KotkaMroku Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2008
Ah yes... Setting your character in the modern world is a challenge. I still haven't tried it, my char is simply too.. powerful for that. :S
It's very nicely written... :+fav: :aww: :D
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I thought Xull'rae was too that's why I took away magic and other elements. She's still strong, just not as she was, still she is stringer than most humans. I'll be adding more soon hopefully. Thanks for another fav! :dance:
DSNG Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Fantastic work XZ! :clap: :clap: :clap:
At the beginning , I thought I was reading the final cut for a script to the next series like GRAYS ANATOMY or somethin :D
Very well done.
Fav line 'The more you have, the more you control.'
She sounds extremely bold & dominating. Keep up the good work! :D
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. :bow: Happy this was taken so well. Wow that's a big compliment to compare it to something successful like Grey's anatomy! :blush: :smooch:

Well if she sounds bold and dominating it's because she probably is. :devilish: I'll certainly try to keep it up. :hug:
AngelMorrigan Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:clap: This is awesome! Now I need to make a Doc Xully pic. Snazzy pencil skirt, button up shirt and the doctor coat. Stethoscope and a bone saw. :D
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