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April 7, 2008
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“Hey Xull, I just got a call from ABC.  They want you on Dancing with the Stars if you are interested.”

Ronald Mills smiled past flashing cameras and tried to undermine the photographer by talking loudly.  Neither man was giving the other any ground until their quarry started losing her focus.  Finally the photographer called for a break and Ronald rushed forward to snag Xull’rae’s attention before anyone else could.

“Did you hear me?” he asked breathlessly, his face beamed with excitement.

“I heard you,” Xull’rae took a seat to get her makeup retouched, rather uninterested by it all.

“So what do you think?” Ronald pressed.

Ronnie Mills, my agent.  He started my modeling career and handles all my public appearances.  Oddly enough he doesn’t do it for the money.  I mean he does get paid, but he takes more enjoyment in claiming he discovered me than putting paper in his pocket. I guess I’m his security blanket and the trophy he can show off to make himself feel important.  An all around okay guy who makes sure I have steady work, a comfortable place to stay, and a continuous audience.

“I think it’ll be great, just make sure my pathology exam won’t be interfering in those ten weeks,” Xull’rae winked and smiled, smacking Ronald on the behind.

“Excellent, I’ll go inform them right away before you bruise me further,” Ronald commented with a lighthearted chuckle and sidestepped before Xull’rae could inflict a second spanking.

“Weenie!” Xull’rae called after him with a wide grin.

“Better than being your bitch boy!” he shot back.

I’m a fake and I’m good at it. Like smiling, it hurts my face and being touchy feely is a social ritual that I fail to understand but copy it well just so people can relate to me even if I cannot with them.  I try though but my instincts sometimes override the superficial private show folks tend to put on to get others to notice.  I find it ironic that I prefer hiding and being unnoticed, yet attention finds me anyway because I play this silly game.  So am I lying to myself? Is it better to fake something to fit in, or should I be honest and be myself, even if my urges are carnal and dark?

. . . I really need to kill . . .
Another short burst as I think the story is a bit chaotic and needs fine tuning but I'm feeling it out just as you are. Consider these baby steps.

No heavy critique please, but suggestions and opinions are welcome especially Havoc's. :D

His cover art. Tell him how nice it is! HERE
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kaitou-kage Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Creeeeeepy Xull'rae!

Though Xull'rae on Dancing with the Stars would be quite hot.
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah she's definately eerie. :D I will try to make Dancing with the Stars sexy. ;)
littlegoblet Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
it is so good that you keep the thoughts of Xullrae going through the whole story. I like how it is short and sweet too. I think that way it helps us to reflect and take in what you have written until you go on to the next part. And it is good to see Xullrae protending to conform to a society she doesn't understand. A wise girl. Oh but her dark urges to kill somebody. . . . lets just hope the victim will be a puplic nuesense and not some competitor on Dancing with the stars. Oh but I can't wait to see her on the dance floor. :)
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I wasn't sure if the thoughts would get confusing with the rest of the story but I'm pleased that it came across clearly. :w00t: I'll keep it short I think as it does seem to be better that way since the story is more complex than most I've written. :)

:nod: Xull'rae is being true to her nature, 'if you can't beat them, join them then beat them at their own game' lol. Her strongest virtue is her wisdom so I'm happy when others see it and agree. :dance:

Yeah she cannot deny herself though she tries. :laughing: It won't be a competitor, not sure who it will be yet but that's a good idea.... :XD: on the troublemaker.

Do you watch that show? Who do you think should be her partner? :devilish:
littlegoblet Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008
oooh who should partner Xullrae. . . .hmmm, you know that is gonna require some serious thought. I watch the Australian version of Dancing with the stars. Do you have any body in mind? It would be somebody who could handle Xullrae lol.
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner May 1, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Hmmm the only one I can think of from the U.S. version is Maxim. You can form your opinion of him here: ;) [link]

Miss you Christine! Do you have AIM? :hug:
Kail-odian Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2008
Knowing how drow are chaotic, I think your inner drow may be smiling now with how you think about this story. ;) It's an intriguing point of view, and both were parts so far were good to read. =)
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I just have low confidence that my work is good especially in a different setting in what I'm used to. I like having readers but I have become more aware that I need to stop worrying if I suck or not and if I do it's okay as long as I like the work.

It's gratifying though when others share and appreciate my style such as you and for that I thank you. Hopefully when I submit more it will be longer and I won't trash it. :blush:

You're spiffy for calling it intriguing. :dance:
Kail-odian Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2008
Its different and interesting, so of course its intriguing. Your welcome too. =)

And your better than you give yourself credit for, that I know from what I've read so far. Coupled with Xullrae being a really likeable character no-matter what setting she's in, you shouldn't even be worrying. ;)

Cya later. B-)
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
:happycry: :cuddle:
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